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Vermicompost is the product of composting using specific species of worms, in order to create an excellent, nutrient-rich and water-soluble organic fertilizer and soil conditioner from organic matter such as vegetables, food waste or other decomposable materials. The process of producing vermicompost, called vermicomposting, is generally performed in a specific bin.
Running a vermicompost bin requires proper knowledge. From building or buying a bin, finding the appropriate worms, making them a bed, feeding them, keeping away (or not) the parasites, harvest the compost and using it.
This knowledge is quite spread in web: Many sites and articles provide introduction for newcomers, few provide detailed explanations on specific aspects, but none allow contribution and compiling in a wiki form. This wiki ambitious goal is to compile all kind of knowledge about vermicompost scattered the web, forums and books, from both theorical and practical perspectives. This wiki is more focused on domestic composting, but without totally excluding the industrial scale. Here you can understand the interest of vermicompost, find theoretical knowledge about vermicomposting worms and process, learn practically how to properly make and run a compost bin, and maybe contribute from your own experience to share your experience.

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