Compost Tea

  • Compost Tea
    Compost Tea

  • In the lower tray, the liquid flows is called compost tea is a natural liquid fertilizer. This liquid is water that has percolated into the compost, and was full of active nutriments. The top tray must be removed to get the tea in the bottom tray.


  • Compost mature
    Compost mature

  • Compost is a bit more difficult to collect. First, make sure it is mature, or retrieve the most mature part. Then, to get the worms to restart the bin, compost and the worms inside must be separated. Once harvested, the compost can be stored for about a year before starting loosing its active properties. Mature compost is black, mossy and with small balls. It may look like a chocolate mousse or very dark earth.

Use compost and tea

  • The compost must be spread in layers of 1 cm on the ground to enrich. The passage of nutrients will be gradual when watering. To prevent it dry, this layer can be covered with soil. Compost can also be directly mixed with compost (10% mixed), and used for new plants. Compost tea must be diluted in 10x volume of water and poured in plants.

Harvesting method

  • To separate the worms, just spread a layer of compost to the bottom of a plastic bag and retrieve the surface while the worms will go deeper. Worms too small to be detected can remain in the compost, and continue to enrich it where it will be used.

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